Mix Basalt Chopped Fibers into Polymers and Concrete

Basalt Chopped Fibers can be mixed directly into polymers and concrete to increase tensile strength and reduce cracking and chipping.

Basalt Chopped Fibers – Features & Benefits

• High tensile strength
• Resistant to alkali in concrete and require no special coatings
• Resist cold down to -260°F and heat up to 1,500°F
• Do not conduct electricity or induce electrical fields
• Do not absorb or wick water
• Will not harbor bacteria or microbial growth
• Has good fatigue resistance

Basalt Chopped Fiber – Specifications

• Basalt Chopped Fiber Diameter: 13 microns to 20 microns
• Basalt Chopped Fiber Lengths: 3mm to 90mm
• Basalt Chopped Fiber with sizing (binder) for applications: portland cement and asphalt
• Basalt Chopped Fiber with sizing (binder) for resins: thermoplastic, epoxy, polyester, pva, & phenolic

Basalt fibers unlike other fibers will not harbor bacteria or microbial growth. For example corrosion is caused in municipal sewers by aerobic bacteria. These convert into sulfuric acids which quickly dissolve concrete. Basalt fibers will not harbor these bacteria. Due to basalt’s low thermal conductivity, deposition of salts and paraffin’s inside the pipes is also reduced.

Structural basalt composite components (such as pipes and rods) are made from unidirectional basalt reinforcement. In combination with its high specific strength (9.6 times as high as steel), high resistance to aggressive media, and high electrical insulting properties, this results in specialty products such as insulators for high voltage power lines.

For asphalt applications, over one half inch less thickness can be laid down saving tons of asphalt while gaining a 30-50% better lifespan!

Basalt composite pipes can transport corrosive liquids and gases. So, thinner panels with less cracking and the ability to maintain fine molded details without small areas chipping off or breaking.

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